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Sean Bertram is a formidable talent: a jaw-dropping young guitar-slinger who is equally comfortable in jazz, pop and rock, a singer with a pure voice and dizzying falsetto, and a songwriter who makes the craft look deceivingly easy.

But the best part of all: this young artist has a keen appetite for constantly learning more.  He has already soaked up knowledge and craft from some incredible teachers, including James Linderman (Berklee College), Rik Emmett (Triumph), Ted Quinlan (Humber College) and a host of other professional songwriters.  He is committed deeply to his studies at Humber College in Toronto, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance.  And that’s not enough to keep him satisfied – he is constantly pursuing a higher standard and a higher understanding of his performance and songwriting craft.

Sean released his debut album of original songs in February 2018.  “The Right Place” is a full-length collection of guitar-grounded tunes with inspirations from blues, funk, jazz and pop, whose lyrics cover a wide spectrum of emotions.  Peter Letros (Wreckhouse Mastering), when presented with the album for mastering, had this to say:

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so impressed with an album from a new artist on so many levels.  The songwriting is top notch, instrumentation and lyrics, vocals, guitar playing, mixing…..everything, right down to the sequence and track spacing.  If someone had brought this album over and told me it was the new John Mayer album or something comparable I would not have doubted their word. I’m that impressed.”

Getting to hear Sean Bertram perform live is a breathtaking experience.  It is because his musical vision and his guitar skills are so developed, and still growing, that his album is presented in arrangements much like he can deliver alone on-stage, with one voice and one guitar.  His live show, while often complemented by harmony vocals and a rhythm section, is equally engaging when he performs on his own, thanks to his attention to providing each song with groove, harmony and innovative movement, all without overshadowing insightful and moving stories.

He may be just getting started on his musical career, but you’ll never see him standing still.  This career is fuelled for greatness.

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