Sean Bertram

Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter

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2018 | 11 songs, 39 min

  1. I’m No Good For You
  2. She’ll Ruin Me
  3. Three
  4. Closure
  5. On The Fence
  6. Caroline
  7. I’ll Try (Excerpt)
  8. Her Way Back
  9. Holes
  10. Safe In Your Arms/I’ll Be Broken
  11. The Right Place

The Right Place

by Sean Bertram | 11 songs, 39 min

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The Right Place, the debut album by young singer/songwriter/guitarist Sean Bertram, is a sincere offering of original songs celebrating the heart’s capacity to withstand everything from heartache to happiness, from love to loss, on the path to discovering oneself.

There are no flashy synths or beats to be found here. Like a gourmet meal which needs only the simplest of ingredients, these arrangements deliver all the musical gratification with just enough layers to allow you to close your eyes and enjoy the experience.

There are scenes which earned a king-sized sound – the sweeping exaltation of ‘Caroline’ and the dark seclusion of ‘Holes’ – and there are moments of naked sincerity – the desperation of ‘Three’, the melancholic narrative of ‘Her Way Back’ and the overwhelming affection of ‘The Right Place’ – which could only be served by the restrained treatment of a single voice and guitar.  Throughout, the confident vulnerability of the vocals and the understated virtuosity of the guitar performance consistently lead you through the emotional passage of each and every situation.


“She’ll Ruin Me”, performed live on SongTalk Radio.

“Closure”, performed live on SongTalk Radio.

“I Think I Think Too Much”, performed live on SongTalk Radio.


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